Amber Vanderburg

Changing the Human Resource Paradigm With Knowledge, Application, and Implementation

Amber Vanderburg

Founder of The Pathwayz Group.

Amber Vanderburg is a multi-award-winning international businessperson, keynote speaker, author, and founder of The Pathwayz Group. After earning her Master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics, she transitioned from corporate HR to become the only female, only American, and only blonde Academy elite football coach for the Gameday Academy and Paris Saint Germain Academy in Bangalore, India.

Vanderburg returned to the United States and became the HR director for Paradigm Shift Leadership, where she furthered her knowledge and inspiration for business strategy, leadership development, and facilitated learning.

The experiences inspired Amber to found The Pathwayz Group. This global organization seeks to uplift communities through enjoyable workplaces. The Pathwayz Group team leads action-focused learning sessions that guide teams to become more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Learning to Grow - Growing to Learn

The Pathwayz Group has team members around the globe who facilitate learning for international organizations. To date, TPG has facilitated learning for audiences on every inhabited continent. This group has led the industry in creating engaging virtual sessions, energizing and playful instructional design, and authentic self-guided learning journeys. To date, more than 250,000 learners have bought online courses, more than 100,000 professionals have engaged in online sessions, and more than 15,000 professionals have attended in-person sessions. Additionally, TPG launched the HR Action certification in 2022 to equip and empower emerging professionals to be effective change agents.

Looking forward, Amber plans for personal and organizational growth. She published her first business adventure book titled “Uniquely Better” in March of 2022. This book contains action steps to build higher team performance and is available exclusively at The Pathwayz Group website and events. She will be going on an international tour to share this book with professionals. throughout the year. 

Organizationally, Vanderburg plans to continue to lead the growing team in talent development. The team is currently working on expanding and deepening their session topic offerings, online course topics, and client relationships to enhance learning experiences. Popular session topics include performance feedback, communication, leading remote teams, team building, and DEI. 

The internal growth has launched powerful opportunities within the company. Vanderburg continuously brags about her passionate team. She stated, “In one of our development meetings, I asked everyone their favorite part of the job. Multiple people wrote that this did not feel like a job. It’s an opportunity to wake up every day with purpose, feel valued, collaborate with other amazing people, and make an impact in the world. As a passionate person about creating a positive workplace, that was a professional highlight. This is a team of world-changers.”

The Imperativeness of Hands-On Learning and Training

When asked about advice to future leaders who want to make it big in the market, Vanderburg was thoughtful in responding, “If you can achieve your dreams all on your own, then you are not dreaming big enough. If you want to build something bigger than yourself, you have to include more than yourself. Include others whom you trust in your dream. I’ve been blessed to have people of character in my life. They are my support in my failures, my encouragement in my challenges, the champions of my success, the ones who keep me grounded.”  

“As for the market, it is critical for leaders to adapt to change. You won’t have a perfect plan. Gather the information you need and have a bias for action. Failure is a part of success. Learn from the failure, make adjustments, then try again – or try something else! Try! Try! Try!”  – Amber Vanderburg.

She paused and then went on, “As for the market, it is critical for leaders to adapt to change. You won’t have a perfect plan. Gather the information you need and have a bias for action. Failure is a part of success. Learn from the failure, make adjustments, then try again – or try something else! Try! Try! Try!” 

Vanderburg said that the biggest contribution to TPG’s success is the unconventional approach to learning. The Pathwayz Group famously uses whiteboards, pushpin boards, props, maps, children’s books, and games to create an engaging online learning session. This is a dramatic difference from the conventional slide deck.

Amber explained, “It’s extraordinary. We’ll teach complex concepts, engage in business strategy sessions, and facilitate powerful discussion effectively with a higher measured ROI without a typical slide deck. In each step of the learning process, we ask the question – ‘how can we be uniquely better?’ Learner feedback typically sounds like,  ‘I was expecting to kind of hang out and listen while I work on my own work but ended up taking notes, laughing, and engaging the entire time.’” 

On-site learning experiences are equally innovative, working towards defined success metrics in gamified, interactive, and unique sessions. Vanderburg remarked, “The team challenges conventional instructional design. We’ve worked with directors with decades of industry experience who are amazed at the creative approach. The experience meets the defined learning objectives while also building an authentic, safe, and fun environment.”

Vanderburg concluded that “In my life, Division I athletics, coaching football in India, and traveling the world has been fun. The Pathwayz Group has been my greatest adventure yet. And it’s only the beginning.”

“In my life, Division I athletics, coaching football in India and traveling the world has been fun. The Pathwayz Group has been my greatest adventure yet. And it’s only the beginning.”  – Amber Vanderburg


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Pathwayz Group work with teams that occasionally struggle with wasted time and energy, coworker tension, and unmet expectations. We focus on effective leadership, team building, and strategic human resources. 

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